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General Hourly Rate: $60.00

What is an hourly rate?  Unfortunately, an hourly rate is almost an arbitrary number because it is impacted by many factors, including:

  • How efficient is the technician?
  • How quickly can the technician diagnose the concerns regarding a particular instrument?
  • Does the technician already have the knowledge required to address these concerns?
  • Does the technician have the necessary tools and supplies in stock?
  • Does the technician understand the goals of the client (which may vary widely from the elementary student to the professional musician)?

My thirty-eight year career as a band director and my formal training and experience as a repair technician enable me to address these concerns in an economically efficient manner with the highest standards.

My shop is fully equipped with state-of-the-art tooling (including an ultrasonic cleaning system) and supplies, enabling me to provide the very best service to my clients.

Much of my work on student instruments warrants minor repairs and minor charges.  However, too little or inferior repair work puts the student at risk for frustration and failure.  My goal is to avoid insufficient repairs that jeopardize student success while protecting my clients from investing more than the instrument is worth.

Please contact me for overhaul prices for specific instruments.