What Is An Overhaul?

The goal of an overhaul is to bring an instrument back to new, or better than new, playing condition.

In general, overhauls include:

  • complete disassembly of the instrument
  • cleaning and polishing the instrument
  • all new pads, felts and corks
  • new springs as needed and adjustment of spring tension
  • all of the adjustment work required for proper pad seating
  • key swedging and adjustments to eliminate excess "play"
  • key height adjustment for optimal sound and intonation
  • oiling of the key mechanism
  • play testing and necessary adjustments to assure the instrument is performing at a new or better than new level
Please call for overhaul pricing.
General overhauls, unless specified, do not include re-plating or re-lacquering of an instrument.  Dent repair is a separate charge, at an hourly rate.  Minor dent repair may be done at no extra charge.